How to stick to your New Year’s fitness resolutions

The two most common resolutions at the start of every year are to get fit & healthy and to lose weight. As concepts they are great but as goals they immeasurable.

Instead set goals such as lose 5 kgs, complete a half marathon, increase your back squat by 25%. This helps you to find ways to achieve these goals and allows you to actually measure these results by your deadline.

Tips to achieve your goals:

1. Follow your gym program correctly. Don’t miss sets or reps or you won’t get the complete benefit of your program.

2. Never miss a workout. If you aim to exercise on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays make it a priority on those days.

3. Eat clean. Most of the results will come from your kitchen rather than the gym. You can never out train a bad diet!

4. Combine weight training and high intensity workouts to maximise your weight loss and prevent your workouts from becoming boring.

5. Get professional help. Hire a personal trainer or see a dietitian if you are not getting the results you want. So many people are clueless when it comes to training and eating correctly. If there is anything you should spend your money on it should be your health.

6. Don’t give up! A cheat day or missed workout isn’t the end. Just because you had a bad day or week doesn’t mean you should give up. Pick yourself up and believe that you can achieve those goals!

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